What your donations go towards....

  • Medical Services

  • Therapy from specially trained adolescent therapists

  • Foresensic Interviews to Assist in the abuse investigation

  • Assisting with transportation costs, school supplies, car seats, and other necesssary items

  • Providing food to children and families while at Safe Shores

What is Safe Shores DC?

Safe Shores—The DC Children’s Advocacy Center is a direct service nonprofit organization
dedicated to supporting and working directly with child victims of sexual and physical
abuse in the District of Columbia.

Through its child-friendly facility and multidisciplinary team approach, Safe Shores
coordinates the work of medical and mental health providers, social services
professionals, victim advocates, law enforcement, and prosecution officials to reduce
trauma and promote healing for child victims of abuse.

Their Mission

Safe Shores provides intervention, hope and healing for children and families affected by
abuse, trauma and violence in the District of Columbia, and prevents child abuse through
education and training.

Their Goals


  • To minimize the trauma experienced by children and adolescents who have been
    identified as victims of sexual or physical abuse

  • To improve the investigation and prosecution of sexual and physical abuse cases from
    the point of intervention through to treatment and healing

  • To promote inter-agency collaboration for effective decision making and management
    of sexual and physical abuse cases

  • To prevent further and/or future abuse of child victims

  • To provide training professionals in the field of investigation, prosecution and provision
    of services for sexually and physically abused children, adolescents, and their
    non-offending caretakers. Join us by sharing the information and/or donating! We can do
    more together!